Ceramide NS

Thông tin chính thức từ CosIng

All Functions: hair conditioning, skin conditioning
Description: ceramide ns, formerly known under the inci name ceramide 2, is the n-acylated sphingolipid consisting of sphingosine having the d-erythro structure linked to a normal saturated or unsaturated fatty acid. as opposed to the broader definition for ceramide 2 which includes sphingolipids consisting of either sphingosine or dihydrosphingosine (sphinganine), ceramide ns is limited to sphingosine-based ceramides.
CAS #: 100403-19-8
Chemical/IUPAC Name: Ceramide Ng,Ceramide Ns,1,3-Hexadecanediol, 2-Hexadecanamide,Palmitoyl-C16-Dihydrosphingosine,1-Stearoyl-C18-Sphingosine