Ceramide 5

Thông tin chính thức từ CosIng

All Functions: hair conditioning, skin conditioning
Description: ceramide 5 (retired) is the n-acylated sphingolipid having the erythro structure that conforms generally to the formula, where m has a value ranging from 13 to 27 in which the acyl moiety may be saturated or mono-unsatuarated and n has a value ranging from 10 to 16. ceramide 5 is similar to ceramide 4, however, the acylating hydroxy acids are generally longer in ceramide 5 than in ceramide 4. the inci name, ceramide 5, originally developed in 1997, was designated with a retired status in 2014. for an interim period of time, trade name assignments formerly published with the inci name ceramide 5 will be retained in the retired monograph, and also published with the new name assignment, ceramide as.